“Ok everyone,” said the instructor at the birthing class trying to get everyone’s attention. “We are going to do an exercise now, that’s purpose is to  help the men sympathize with their partners.” “We have here what’s called a pregnancy suit,” said the woman instructor, holding up an artificial stomach with a strap.  “This imitates the […]

Q:Whats the difference between Terrorists and Accordion players? A:Terrorists have sympathizers 

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This is dedicated to all those bullies who beg to get their faces beat in. These aggressive jerks beg for it and get destroyed. Bouncer (kickbox world champion) vs Loudmouth A guy wants to get into the club, and is not let in. What he doesn’t know is: the bouncer he is annoying is Michael […]

http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2013/01/01/kathy-griffin-kisses-anderson-coopers-crotch-national-television#ixzz2GjV80us0 If you are still watching this vile woman then shame on you for expecting anything different.


Check out “Honey, You Didn’t Build That” for an explanation of what the president said, that even a child could understand. We are small business! Source: http://www.youtube.com/user/MarkMatsonTV


As a father it get no better than this. Watch as the two girls look at each other to acknowledge that the fun is about to begin. Uploaded by Brovadere